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Dubai Expo 2020: Benefits of approaching consultants in setting up a business

Are you running a business in the UAE or planning to do so? If yes, you should definitely know about Dubai Expo 2020. Expo 2020, one of the largest events taking place in the UAE, was set to be held in October 2020 in Dubai. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the dates had to change to this year. I.e. October 21, 2021 till 31 March 2022 with the event name “Expo 2020 Dubai”.

Dubai Expo 2020: What is it?

The main aim of Expo 2020 is the enhanced awareness regarding the challenges which are encountered by mankind globally. Being one of the largest gathering places worldwide, Expo 2020 offers a plethora of opportunities to promote products internationally and improve the business network. Each individual pavilion in Expo 2020 gets a chance to showcase their national cultures and technological inventions. Dubai is all set to welcome countries that are participating in the Dubai Expo 2020. It is a great wonder that 19 countries are participating with an approximate 25 million visitors all over the world. The objective of a particular Expo is to connect other nations with innovative and inventive partnership facilities that enhance the solutions that improve mankind.

What Opportunities Do You Get During Expo 2020?

Expo 2020 which is to be commenced in October 2021 opens a wide range of opportunities for investors, start-up organizations, entrepreneurs, tourists, innovators etc. Being one of the best business setup consultants in the UAE, AVA knows every detail to make your firm explore Expo 2020 with the right business plan that attracts visitors to your pavilion.

Take a gander at the list of important business opportunities from Dubai Expo 2020.

  • Tourism industry

The reasons to invest in the tourism business are unimaginable. UAE is a great land which has developed tremendously in tourism. It has offered thousands of career and investment opportunities for foreigners as well as nationals. Since Expo 2020 attracts millions of visitors from all over the world, if you are planning to start a tourism business in Dubai, we are here to help you out. Yes, this is the best time to obtain help from one of the best business setup consultants to fulfil your dreams.

  • Real Estate

Do you want to increase the revenue by investing in the UAE economy with an excellent real estate business? Then, this is the right time to start with us. We help you market your tallest structures and other projects that mark business in commercial and residential investments. We help you for a business setup to showcase in the Dubai Expo which increases the business enquiries from various sectors that take real estate to a higher level.

  • Consultancy Organizations

A company’s growth can be boosted with a professional consultancy firm. We are one of the leading business consultancy firms in the UAE. We have helped hundreds of businesses to set up their activities. So, if you choose to be a consultancy firm, we have the right business plan for you. With the demand for new business is on the rise, business consultancies get opportunities to help them out. AVA helps you in getting top trade license registration. Be ready to arrange a booth in Dubai Expo 2020 with us to change your existing business setbacks.

  • Cleaning Business

If you search for the most demanded business in Dubai, cleaning services will be one among them. Expo 2020 is capable of doubling the demand for hotels, exhibitions, residential and commercial complexes. And thus investors will definitely find a new way for the cleaning services in Dubai.

How to Set Up Business with AVA?

AVA has been a helping hand to set up the right business solutions both locally and internationally. We are efficient and have years of experience in value-added services from business set up, market study, company formation to professional consultation services.

Expo 2020 is a great opportunity for all entrepreneurs to make their dream of business setup in Dubai a reality. Our consultants help you choose the right business plan based on your requirements. We help you follow the documentation and legal procedures to set up a successful business that meets the requirements of a trading license in the UAE. With the best business plan, your company will be noticed in the Dubai Expo 2020 and receive foreign investment which makes your business reap heights of success in the coming years. Apart from business set up we also provide Accounting Services in UAE, Audit Services in Dubai, Tax and VAT Consulting in UAE etc. Contact us for details. 



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