Virtual Audit done by AVA International Consultants

Why are organizations attracted towards the new trend of Virtual Auditing?

Technological advances are at a fast pace amongst businesses and the role of virtual audit has been an inevitable factor in this pandemic situation. The organizations are already into high-tech plans that allow the expert audit teams to share and receive the data, place interviews and deal with the organizations globally. The latest guidelines for conducting the system of auditing has new rules for performing the virtual audits and is included in the new version of ISO 19011:2018. Virtual audits can also be termed remote audits. One of the major factors that forced the organizations to transition from conduction audits online is the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the safety of their employees that made them change the way they do business along with the responsibility to their shareholders and to the community.

Various existing organizations and even start-ups must follow certain compliances and finish off their auditing work. Professional Virtual Audit Services in Dubai by AVA helps the firms to understand the compliances and conduct the on-site virtual audit thereby achieving the company objectives even during this challenging situation.

What are Virtual Audits?

Virtual audits are done without any personal interaction by going to the office and those are electronic audits between the auditors and the organizations. Data is received and shared in the formats like MS Word, MS Excel, EDI and PDF files. A virtual audit is the same as an personal audit with the only difference in the usage of electronic medium. Files can be shared through email, Google Drive or cloud sharing. Also, the organizations can share their screens through Zoom or video conferencing or through Skype. Documents review can be more efficient than doing auditing on site. Product storage audit and manufacturing process audit may face difficulty for virtual auditing. During these conditions, live video surveillance can be done.

Virtual audits don’t mean that everything must be done off-site, but some of the things can be done on-site too. AVA helps you in implementing advanced virtual audit tools to meet your business requirements.

Benefits of performing Virtual Audit with AVA

  • Time and Cost-Efficient

Any data can be accessed from any location when it is stored on the Cloud portal. Thus you can easily save time when audits are to be done virtually. Also, there will be a significant reduction in money and the time spent to travel to the audit location. Also, interviews, observations can be performed on Zoom and Skype which are now used by the company.

  • No need to travel to different locations

Sometimes the location of audits can be challenging due to many reasons. If the location is in an isolated area or if the auditor needs visas to go abroad and perform the audit the purpose will not be carried out in the desired way as planned.

  • No Need for Audit Logistics

A virtual audit with us will help you get rid of the logistics related issues that encounter to book conference rooms or maintain the room after the auditing team leaves along with the safety of the auditing team and employees during this pandemic. Our auditing team will also be saved from other issues faced during offline auditing.

  • Experienced Team

The team is well experienced and working from their home will be quite comfortable than working from the office. The productivity will be increased in a virtual audit when compared to an on-site audit.

Virtual Auditing: Future of Auditing or Not?

Virtual audits will remain in the market forever. The techniques used are irrefutable over other techniques used before. Even though this is the case, there are many limits to be passed. Conventional audits cause certain disturbances to the organization being inspected and even affect the workflow. Also, business managers find this virtual audit as the future of auditing as it decreases the costs and time.

How does AVA help in virtual auditing?

AVA holds open meetings with the organizations being audited through video conferencing and we do request a virtual tour of your facility. All the data will be audited by the expert team and address the issues and so on which would be quite cost-effective and time-saving. Contact us to fix a Virtual Audit for your organization with AVA, the top Audit firm in UAE!

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