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AVA Consultants is an approved Auditing/Accounting firm and VAT Consultants operating from Dubai, UAE. We are a team of Qualified Finance Professionals comprising Chartered Accountants, Management Accountants, Certified Auditors, MBAs and Finance Graduates. We offer quality oriented and timely services in accordance with global standards and jurisdictional regulations in the domain of Audit, Financial Reporting, Tax and related branches.

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AVA INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS is an approved Auditing and Accounting firm and expert VAT Consultancy. We are a team of qualified Finance Professionals comprising of Chartered Accountants, Management Accountants, Certified Auditors and Finance Graduates. At AVA, our utmost priority is to provide financial services at par with the global standards for Audit, Financial Reporting and Taxation. Our tailored services provide exceptional quality pertaining to the unique requirements of our clients with the focus on volatile financial risk exposures.


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AVA International Consultants

  • Audit and Assurance
  • Accounting and Book-keeping
  • VAT/Tax Consultancy
  • ESR & ICV Consultancy
  • Business Setup and Liquidation Service
  • Payroll Services
  • Receivables Payables & Inventory Management
  • Business IT Solutions
  • Certification Services
  • Financial Advisory Services

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