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Tax is mandatory in any nation. It is the contribution made by the country residents to the government for providing the required public services. Both the citizens and the expatriates must contribute to the tax. If your business has a presence in a foreign country, it is important to pay the corporate tax compulsory. At the same time, the individuals must pay individual income tax according to the country rules they are working. To avail the tax benefits and to avoid late tax filing its better choice to consult the best Audit Firms in Dubai, UAE. 

AVA Tax Consultant in Dubai, UAE help business organizations as well as individuals to deal with tax liabilities. We provide Bookkeeping and Accounting Services which will be beneficial at the time of Tax filing to reduce time spent and other financial mistakes. Dubai has always been an attraction to individuals globally as it is quickly developing and also because of the tax benefits offered by UAE Government. Dubai offers tax-free zones to help you invest. This sounds good! Isn’t it?

 Let’s move on to the details of taxation in Dubai.

Dubai is a tax exempted business zone. But various taxes apply to the organizations. They are:

  • Direct taxes

Direct taxes are applied for the oil and gas companies in Dubai and the whole UAE, foreign banks operating in Dubai and UAE.

  • Indirect taxes

Indirect taxes or municipal taxes apply to hotels and entertainment industry, commercial industry, rental of residential spaces in Dubai and UAE and Value Added Taxes (VAT).

If your business has a presence in different nations, then double tax treaties is an added advantage.

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What is a Double Tax Treaty?

If you have a business branch in any foreign nation other than your native country, then signing a double tax treaty is important to avoid paying taxes in both nations. UAE had 70+ tax treaties with various nations to perform as a business hub.

AVA being the Best Tax Consultants in UAE helps you deal with tax and tax filing returns and also provides the Best VAT Service in UAE

Why AVA as your Tax Consultant?

To deal with your business tax, choosing the right professional tax consultant is all you need to do. Get more advantages if you have a plan to start a new business or to expand an already established one. Being one of the best VAT consultants in UAE, we advise and provide important information with an in-depth analysis of the tax returns.

We help you understand every nook and corner of your business taxation policies. Also, we deliver services that satisfy you at affordable rates.

AVA Consultant is the top tax consultants in Dubai. We carefully understand the organisation requirements and customize the solutions based on their needs. Our experts have high industrial experience in taxation structure. We know every detail of international tax standards and deliver the proper solutions to all our clients.

Contact us today for your tax filing services. We are your professional VAT consultants in Dubai to help you frame your organisational tax structure.


Name the goods liable for excise tax in the UAE?

The goods that are liable for excise tax in the UAE are energy drinks (100%), carbonated beverages (50%) and tobacco (100%).

Which businesses must register for the purpose of excise tax?

The businesses who must register for excise tax are: Excise goods producers Excise goods importers Excise goods stockpilers Excise goods warehouse keepers

Are excise tax returns available?

Excise tax one paid and the business that have bought goods are not eligible for excise tax returns unlike VAT. Still there are some cases that you may apply for an excise tax refund.

How is the region of supplying goods determined?

The region of supply of products must be the place where special rules for particular categories take place. For eg, water and energy supplies etc. for services supply, the place of supply is where the service provider is abided with particular rules for particular categories.